Belts – An Addition to the Jewelry

Belts contribte as a tasteful addition to the jewelry for male and female both, this collection also provides a handful of concho belts and other fashion accessories like bands and others. If you are focusing on the word conch in concho, you might not go off-track from what we are talking about in this blog. The concho or concha belts derives from the Spanish language word for seashell, concha. And since the overall adornment of this kind of belt is that of a shell-shaped form for the belt, the Navajo tribe coined it concho belt.

Sources indicate that this type of belt originated in the Plains region and was introduced to the Navajo tribe in trade and through invades. In contrast, others suggest that its origins are based on Mexican trends and culture. Either way, the Navajo tribe adopted the concho belt and other Native American fashion accessories into their culture, and by the middle or end of the 19th century, putting on a concho belt became a long-standing Navajo tradition after this.

In the earliest concho belt years of this tradition, the Navajo tribe used silver coins, which were manipulated into hammered shapes icon styles with slots cut into them to accept strapping. Sooner or later, the backs of the concho were fitted with loops of copper, so the strapping of leather or some other material could slip through the back of the style. In the modern world, conchos might have leather strapping, or they may be linked together with rings to ensure the durability of the piece.

The concho belt pieces feature both mercury dimes and walker half dollars in them. Each concho belt piece has a single walker a half dollar surrounded by eight or more Mercury dimes, along with sixteen or more small beads, all mounted to a sterling silver base giving it an elegant and ancient look. The buckle concho has five walker half dollars with some silver beads; all mounted to the silver concho base of the belt piece. All of the conchas are strung onto a brown leather band at last. The Native American concho belt features seven or more oval-shaped conchas having an elegantly executed detailed round pattern throughout the piece. The buckle of the piece features additional detail work in a different pattern. All are attached to a black leather belt.

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