Native American Crafts –Learn More About the Amazing Ancient Art

Other than the regular renowned squash blossom style necklaces, Native American necklaces come in many other different styles and unique designs. Like so many other handicrafts, artisans use natural elements and materials like gemstones in their designs that can even consist of bones, stones, feathers, and many other different materials to design unique and elegant designs.

Let’s take an example of a substantial necklace that may be carved smoothly with tubular bone segments separated by sterling silver beads with a classy and elegant look. It may also have intricately carved sterling silver feather-form drops with oval turquoise stones set in the top portions of the drops to enhance the look and to depict at best the creativity of the Native American designers. The central medallion of these necklaces is comprised of three feather-form drops. This makes for a beautifully executed necklace crafted by the designers, which can be signed by the original craftsman of the piece available in the market. Likewise, other Native American choker style necklaces may have five or more strands of smooth carved graduated cylindrical bone pieces in it, separated with sterling silver beads and leather or suede spacers in it to symbolize the art of the Native American artisans. The central medallion is a large mollusk shell shaped into a standard disc with additional beadings, bone, and silver hanging on suede, enhancing the look of the piece that is exclusively handmade to ensure the quality and to make sure the piece is at its finest art. In place of a clasp, all these necklaces feature an ancient look of the Native American tribes, where they all were used as symbols of their living style and social status. Because of the opalescence present in all of the crafts designed, the coloration of the central medallion alterations in the light. Simply elegant. The Native American Jewelry features the class and elegance of the ancient tribes and their living standards and style.

Comprising of all these facts and features the Native American Jewelry is said to be the best depiction of the ancient tribes and sometimes also said to be the rarest and valuable collection in the jewels.

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