Kinds of Jewelry –All You Need to Know

The breadth of jewelry crafted by Native American designers is comprehensive. Commonly, jewelry consists of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Other than these, belts and other crafted pieces are said to be a part of jewelry items in the future as they are also now a significant part of our attire that can define your personality and appearance. Using pieces that were and are promptly available, some of the basic materials amongst many that are used in Native American Jewelry are Turquoise, Coral and Shells, Pearls, precious gemstones, silver, and copper. Turquoise, often represented in jewelry for nature and cherished by several people for a spiritual connection, is used in many of the Native American Jewelry designed by different Native American designers to offer unique creations in the industry. Coral and shells also are known as mother-of-pearl, oyster, conch, and clam are even used in making and designing jewelry for a unique and elegant look to the pieces designed.

Pearls are said to be integrated with bracelets and necklaces from ancient times, and many of the ancient monuments are seen with jewelry that has pearls in it. Precious and semi-precious stones, including turquoise, garnet, and gaspeite, are rare minerals, with some of them having distinct yellowish-apple-green to bright green coloration that provides an elegant look to the pieces designed by the designers of different jewelry types.

Some designers even use animal bones, teeth, antlers, feathers, quills, and hides to give a unique and spooky look to the pieces designed by them for their clients, even some of these jewelry pieces are very expensive and rare to find in the market. Some are said to be the symbols of wealth for the followers of specific religions. Artisans transform and innovate in these natural materials to beautiful jewelry pieces for both personal adornment and ceremonial significance for some people who require them for some kind of special events. In addition to decoration and add-ons to the attire, Native American Jewelry was generally used to signify the wearer’s social status just as said before to signify the wealth and popularity of the person.


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